Possible Things That Might Occur If You’re A Convicted Drunk Driver

Fees, fines, and court appearances are just the initial encounters that a convicted drunk driver may have. Moreover, you can also undergo different types of counter activity that need to be done such as the cost of applying for a DUI school, being assessed for a drinking issue, having treatment if you got any problem, and so much more. To discuss all of these things in detail, keep on reading this article:

Finish the terms of probation

Even though you’re not sentenced to any jail time for your DUI conviction, perhaps you’ll be provided a probation sentence, which terms are identified by the sentencing judge. You can be sent to jail once you fail to meet the terms of probation, even though you’re a celebrity or someone famous.

Go to jail

In a developing state, jail terms have been mandatory even for first-time drunk driving violators. Commonly, the jail terms of these type of offenders are just 1-2 days, which can be served on a weekend, however, it’s still considered as jail time. In most states, jail is really mandatory for repeat offenders and the terms are more than a few days.


Lose your driver’s license

Even if you’re convicted for the first time, your sentence will encompass the lack of driving privilege for a particular period of time. It’s guaranteed that your driving privileges will be greatly restricted. In other states, if you choose to not submit to a blood test or Breathalyzer or refuse to take the field sobriety test, your driver’s license will immediately be suspended even before you go face the court.

Appear in court

During your arrest, you’ll be provided a summons or a ticket that will let you know about the date of your court trial concerning your DUI charges. For other drivers, appearing in public to respond to charges of drinking and driving is a humiliating experience. In the courts today, if you refute the charges, plead not guilty, and attempt to combat the case, there’s a possibility that you and everybody else in the courtroom will be seeing a video that you’ve failed the sobriety test done at the jail where you’re processed.

Booked and arrested

If you get arrested due to drunk driving, the initial thing that might occur is that you’ll be put into a police car and be taken to a local jail or police station. In this facility, the officers will take your mug shot and you’ll be required to be fingerprinted. However, other states can immediately release a violator when someone will come to the facility and will pay for your bail to take you home. While some will require a violator to stay in jail for at least several days.

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