About Us

For certain individuals, planting or keeping up a landscape can be simple. For other people, it can be hard. This is why we offer our services for those who might love to have an awesome landscape, however, think that it’s going to be difficult. In addition to them, we also happily serve those who already have a garden.

At Long Beach Landscaping, we altogether inspect your landscape, yard, garden, water system framework, and other things associated with landscaping by leading a site consultation. This gives us an opportunity to best survey the region, and give you our best proposals.

We understand that conserving resources and taking care of the environment are utmost essential. Every one of our services is tied in with conserving resources from nature such as water, and from yourself like your hard-earned money. Natural phenomena like drought, rainstorm, and even forest fires can happen particularly in South California. This is the reason why our services are targeted to such issues and other concerns while being sustainable, resourceful, and eco-friendly.

Our services include Native Plant Landscapes, Edible Foodscapes, Drought Tolerant Landscapes, Drip Irrigation and Drainage, Hardscaping, Permeable Patios and Walkways, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Greywater Recycling and Distribution, Permaculture Consultation and Training, and Composting.

We really pride ourselves on the work that we do. We accept that we are stewards of the earth and we are accountable for taking great care of the earth and the environment. This way, we and our future heirs can delight in its excellence. Contact Long Beach drought tolerant landscape for more information.