Housecleaning Services for Seniors

Cleaning up homes is a task that has to be done by everyone, including the elderly or the seniors. But then again, it’s important to make things simpler for the elderly. They should be able to live in a clean and hygienic place, just like the rest of us. But unfortunately, they are not as capable of cleaning like everyone else.

Cleaning for Seniors Barrie

To make it easier for seniors and their caregivers to clean the house, the help of professional housekeepers is essential. If you intend to hire expert cleaning for seniors Barrie, do check out the tips listed below.

1. Start with the medicine cabinet.

You don’t want a medicine cabinet that’s all cluttered, especially when it is the home of a senior citizen. Make sure that all medications are stored and labeled properly. Do not mix old and new prescriptions as they may lead to confusion. Dispose of medicines that are past their expiration dates. Make sure that all medications are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. With that said, don’t keep medicines in the bathroom. Find a shelf in a closet that would best serve as a medicine cabinet.

2. Clear all clutter.

Clutter should be avoided in an elderly’s home, as it is the most common reason for trips and falls. Remove all obstructive and unnecessary items from the walking paths. Move pieces of furniture around so they too, won’t get in the way. Take away appliances that are not frequently used so as to create more space for mobility.

3. Don’t move heavy objects.

Seniors either have reduced the strength or they have mobility issues. They should not attempt to move items that are too heavy or they risk acquiring injuries. In the same way, the elderly must not stand on top of the chairs or step on the ladder just to reach high spots. If they were to clean the floor, it’s best if a cordless cleaning tool that’s also lightweight should be used. Seniors should have easy access to the more efficient and newer cleaning tools of today.

4. Make sure that all emergency systems are functional.

If you’re a caregiver or housekeeper in the home of a senior, see to it that you check their smoke alarms and CO2 detectors regularly. The batteries should be working at all times. You should also know the expiration dates of the fire extinguishers in the house to ensure that they’re still functional.

Additionally, the seniors should have their emergency kits always ready. Check them after the change of the season and restock accordingly. The contents of these kits are flashlights, spare batteries, bandages, thermometers, tapes, scissors, antibiotic ointments, wound dressings, common medications, maintenance medicines, and some protein bars. It should also contain the name and contact number of immediate family members.

These are the things that can greatly help seniors not just with cleaning their home but also with organizing the stuff that they really need. If you need help in making sure all of these, their house cleaners who are experts in this task whom you can hire.